hi i’m em

Hey! I’m Emily, a 24-year-old washed-up college graduate/recent Jesus camp intern/current manager for a give-back brand who loves people, adventuring, making a fool of herself, Jesus, leadership, writing letters, inspiring others, and capturing the world one photograph at a time. You can probably find me outside – laying in a hammock, climbing a ropes course, wandering city streets looking for painted walls – or exploring new places with dear friends. If you see a girl with Chacos on, two keys and a compass around her neck, and a mug of coffee in her hand, then you’re probably looking at me. My favorite moments in life are the small ones that everyone misses and my one goal in life is to change the world.

These are my words. This is my story.

Stay with me as we learn how to live each day with joy and with our own purpose, because I promise you: there is no one better you could be than yourself.

Oh – and if I were you, I’d be aware of what you said and did around me, because I’m probably taking mental notes for a future blog post and I probably have a GoPro clipped onto my backpack.

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