that light layer of fog

I live in a valley between mountains.

Every morning, I look out my windows and see a layer of fog. I’m surrounded by beautiful spruce trees and autumn leaves but I see nothing but fog in those early morning hours.

As I drive up the hill, I drive through these clouds. I rely on trusting that the driveway is where I left it the night before, because I cannot see what is in front of me. When I park in the gravel lot at the top of the hill, I look down upon my home in the fog, and on the mountains surrounding me that I can see so clearly now.

I struggle with accepting those foggy mornings. I feel helpless walking out of the doors of the Farmhouse and being able to see only my feet in front of me. I don’t like when I’m not in control, and the lack of vision during those dewy sunrises makes me worry.

You see, this fog I hate so much is seemingly like life. I constantly want to know what lies in front of me, I forget to trust that God has a plan and He will lead the way. I get caught up on what lies directly before me, I forget about all that is up ahead. But when I reach the mountains He has laid before me, I will see clearly why He did what He has done in my life.

My one job is to trust Him completely, resting in his grace and everlasting faithfulness. That when I walk out my front door and face thick clouds, I recognize that that fog is His creation and I allow myself to walk directly into it, knowing that I will end safely at the destination the Lord has created for me.

That on those foggy, dewy mornings that I fight to reach the top of the hill, when I turn and look at where I came from, it will be clear. I will see the fog in the valleys, but the clear views across mountaintops. That the sun will shine onto where I came from and forward to where I am going, and that I will know that no matter how clear the air is, I am walking where the Lord has wished for me to go.

I will leave behind my plans, I will get out of the bed on those mornings. I will turn on my fog lights, I will open my heart, I will leave behind my need for control, and I will be satisfied and refreshed in the clear grace Jesus has laid before me in this unclear life I lead.


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