That boy is just a boy but you are the sun.

I’m going to make you two promises here. You may or may not know a lot about me, depending on who you are, but: I don’t take promises lightly. When I make a promise, I make a promise.

Boys are just boys.

You are the sun and the moon and the stars and every little bit of the universe rolled into one.

I can guarantee you that sometime in your life, you will meet a boy. Maybe this boy will change your life and change your heart, or maybe he will go just as quickly as he came. But he is just that: a boy. This boy is the sun and the moon and the stars in his own right, but in your life: he’s just a boy. When your heart feels like it’s shattered and when you feel like you’ve fallen, remember this:

That boy is just a boy but you are the sun.

I oftentimes find myself looking at my best friends in complete awe. I see light, I see purpose, I see them changing their “games:” their college organizations, their professions, their lives, the lives of others. I see beautiful souls who bring so much joy into my life and who have more in store for them than I could ever picture now. I see potential that cannot be stopped and I see hearts that cannot be broken, no matter how much a boy might have tried.

Anyone can buy you a meal, anyone can physically sit beside you when you need a warm body. But you are worth more than that. You are worth the universe because you are made of the universe. At the end of the day, the only person who is always going to be there for you is the one looking back at you in the mirror. The only person who will ever fully understand you is YOU. And that’s okay. But that means you can never forget just how deserving, just how worthy, just how enough, just how MUCH you are. That when a boy tries to steal your joy – whether he meant to or not – he doesn’t get to. Because your joy is not determined by a boy’s ability to give you affection. Your joy is found in your heart and in your heart alone. And no one, I tell you, no one can take that away from you.

I refuse for this post to be about “finding the person you are going to marry.” Do I hope one day to find the person I’m going to marry? Yes, I do. I pray to the Lord every day that one day I will and I’m not going to lie about that. But I was not created to be “a girl that a boy is going to marry.” Oh no, honey. And neither were you. You are not half an equation waiting to be made better. You are whole on your own.

You were created to be you. To be the unique soul and the big heart and the blessing that is you. You were not created to belong to someone unless that someone is the Lord. You were created because you are unlike anyone else to ever walk this earth, and that is a good thing. Not everyone is going to understand you. You will annoy some people, including the people you love the most. But you were not created to be theirs. You were not created to be his – not the man you end up marrying, not the boy who tried to break you down.

One day, when you are who you are: the sun, the moon, the stars, it all, one day, the man you will marry will make himself known to you. He will be different. He will seek to understand you and he will choose and love every flaw in you, every day. But he is not yours and you are not his. You are your own and he is his own, and together: you will be better. You will make him more patient and more caring, he will make you stronger and more sure of yourself. But your beauty and your belovedness existed in you before he did, just as his did in him before you.

So remember, that boy is just a boy and you are more than that, more than him. He may try to break your heart but he can never break your soul because you are more than he ever was in you. He is just a boy that is not deserving of you. You, my darling, are the sun, the moon, the stars, and the universe, all rolled into one beautiful human being.

Also, my life motto is “eat pizza, don’t date boys.” It’s a good life motto. Pizza is always there for you and it always makes you smile. Try it sometime.

*I understand that it’s not just boys that break girls’ hearts. Girls break boys’ hearts and boys break boys’ hearts and girls break girls’ hearts. But no one’s heart deserves to be broken because every single human deserves to know just how special they are.*




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  1. I Love ALL your posts, but this one might be the best one ever! May I use this in my Girl EmPower Workshops? You are so wise, and it’s clear that allowing yourself to be vulnerable creates the opportunity to discover your wisdom and strength, and oh yea, God’s too! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Martha Springstead August 18, 2016 — 7:35 am

    Emily, this is fabulous, may I please share this? I know some young women in my classes who need to read this. You are doing great things where you are! Keep the blessings going!


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