Strong willed or wrong willed

Do you ever have a “come to Jesus” moment?

I’ve had a lot of “come to Jesus” moments these last few weeks.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met. I’m very aware of who I am and how people perceive me and sometimes I get caught up in myself and believe that I know best, all the time. While it’s okay to be strong-willed and stand firm in what I think and what I believe in, it is no fair to assume that my path is the path that should always be taken. Whether it be a friendship, a relationship, an organization, a class project – we are all equals and I am realizing that the more I try to understand another person’s approach, the better we are in the long run. Are there times I am right? Absolutely – duh (hello). Are there times when I’m completely wrong? Yes. I’m a human and I’m actually wrong a lot.

One of the biggest blessings in disguise is having someone else in your life teach you so much about yourself. One of the easiest things to do is get wrapped up in selfish tendencies and convince yourself that you know everything – until someone comes into your life and turns on the light. I’m not perfect. I never was, but it’s about time I accept myself for my flaws and learn how to grow because of them.

I’m strong willed. I’m stubborn. I can be intimidating, and I overthink too much to a fault. These things are true. But I’m also caring, I’m full of joy, and I’m quirky and am courageous in the hard times. I’m strong willed and stubborn in the things I believe in and the people I love, and I will fight for them, no matter how many tears I shed or how frustrated I may get. I may overthink things, but I also stop myself and follow my heart – which is what I should do in the first place. I’m imperfect, but i’m perfectly flawed and perfectly me.

So – thank you to those who have turned on the light and helped me truly see myself. Thank you for accepting me, all of me – even the flaws. Thank you for standing by my side as I grow and as I learn and as I realize I still have so far to go on this journey. And thank you for being you and for having flaws too and for showing me we are all in this together.




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