Don’t forget it for a moment, though. 

There’s something about it.
Something about that one moment in time that will never be able to be recreated.

I let it live forever in my mind, like a mental picture frozen in time, a video set on repeat. When I feel low, I catch my thoughts wandering here, to when it felt like nothing could go wrong.

At the time, did I know just how beautiful that moment was? When you looked at me, could you see the genuine love I see looking back now? Why didn’t I know just how special all of it was at the time?

There’s something incredible about the inability to press replay in real life. Each second that exists, exists only in itself, and each experience you take a part in is a once in a lifetime chance. Nothing should ever be missed because every tiny moment has worth.

They say you don’t know the beauty of a moment until it passes, that you don’t know how special something is until you don’t have it anymore. I take moments for granted, I let laughter be shared and joy be spread without soaking it all in. I share words, I share hugs, I share a moment that seems like any other one without realizing just how important and unique that moment was.

Each moment is different, each one deserves to be appreciated and to be loved. A day may be just twenty four hours, just one sunset and one sunrise. But those twenty four hours, that sunset and that sunrise, will never happen again. And so those moments are special and those moments are one of a kind and those moments deserve to be remembered forever. Allow yourself to love deeply, to feel strongly, to remember everything.

When I think about that moment, I smile. The feelings I felt that day reveal themselves in my heart. While I won’t ever have that moment back, I do have the memories. I can recall the light in your eyes as you looked towards me, and the light in mine reflecting back. I hear the words spoken to me and the words spoken from my lips. I can feel you reaching out for me and I can see time standing still as that moment lasts forever. And now, looking back, I hold that moment closer to my heart than I did before.

I wish that I could go back and live in the beauty of then. But “then” can’t happen again, and so I wish that I live my life here on out in a way that creates more moments as special as that one.

While I don’t have that moment any longer, I do have the constant reminder that that moment is one of a kind and that is worth it all. The small moments are the ones that change our lives, that change our world, that change the way we view each and every moment after.

Live each moment. Love each moment.
“Let the moment go, but don’t forget it for a moment, though.”


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