Adventures are for together

Yesterday, six of my favorite people and I piled into two cars and drove to the middle of nowhere. I’m sure you’re thinking many things right now, some of which may be:

“why did you drive to the middle of nowhere?”

“you have enough friends to take two cars on an adventure?”

When we woke up Monday morning, did we say to ourselves “we are going to get lost in the middle of nowhere, with two of us accidentally crossing into someone’s property trying to find our location, while three of us proceeded to push a car down the road just to see if we could do it?” No, we didn’t. We woke up, put swim suits on, packed our lunches, and danced to “House Party” while brushing our teeth, preparing for a day full of friends and adventures.

Yes, our day began with us stranded on a dirt road without cell service, but somehow, we made our way to tall rocks and a body of water, exactly where we were supposed to be. We climbed, we swam, we selfie-sticked, we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we conquered fears together. We treaded water for a lot longer than intended, we got covered in mud, and we made friends with a bunch of teenagers from Richmond we will probably never see again. We freaked each other out, we calmed each other down, we jumped off rocks taller than they seemed from afar, cheering each other on as we flung ourselves over that ledge. We found ourselves some chipotle burritos, we power pointed, we slipped on rocks and on dirt paths. We danced out the windows, we cried, we screamed, we cut our feet, we laughed, but no matter what it was: we did it all together.

That’s the beautiful part about adventures, about a day full of nothing but loving your life and creating memories. That’s the beautiful part about spending a day together driving on country roads with the windows rolled down, dancing obnoxiously to mix cds and throwback radio, one hand out the window and the other on the American flag. That’s the beautiful part about having someone to stand next to you before you jump, and having someone else in the water below, ready to catch you. That’s the beautiful part about being surrounded by people who can make you smile, just by being themselves. The beautiful part? Doing it together. Laughing, crying, jumping, conquering, no matter what it was, we did it together.

And yes, I do have enough friends to take two cars on an adventure. Try not to be too jealous.



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