Philippians 1:4

“constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you”

I pray for the people I don’t know, the people I do know. I pray for the people I used to know and the people I have yet to know. I pray for the people that I’ll never know and the people that will never know me. But most of all, I pray for you. 

Life throws curveballs. It may be tricky, it may be confusing, the ground may feel unstable beneath your feet. I pray that you always find hope in the hopeless, a light in the darkness, a ray of sunshine through those dark storm clouds. I pray that there always be someone nearby to walk beside you, to hold you up if you feel shaky and unsure. I pray that you trust the Big Man and the incredible plans He has in store for you. 

I pray you find your passion. I pray that the second you find your passion, you don’t forget about it. That you live it, that you love it, that you don’t waste a second not in the journey that your passion has created. Passion over everything, all the time. If you’re passionate about it, it is possible.

I pray that you seek adventure. I pray that you step out of your comfort zone and try something new because there is no better way to grow and find uncharted, beautiful things in this world than on a path less traveled. I pray that you learn not only how to stand up for yourself, but how to stand up for those you care about. I pray that you make mistakes. I pray that you learn from these mistakes and let them teach you how to grow, how to forgive, and how to seek forgiveness. I pray that things scare you, that things terrify you, but you do them anyway. I pray that you apply for that program, that you buy those concert tickets, that you get in your car and drive, destination known or unknown. I pray that you never pass something up in fear, but tackle it and embrace it for the beauty of whatever it is.

I pray that you love unconditionally. That you love your friends, your family, the blood of your blood and the strangers passed on the street. I pray that you show love to each and every person who shows love to you, but that you also love those who can’t find the reason to love you, because He told us to share His love with all of his children, no matter who. I pray that you love the Lord, and that you love yourself, because He created you in His image and His image is flawless.

I pray that you understand how loved you are. I pray that you see that you’re not made of test scores, pounds on a scale, or the number of times you think you’ve “failed.” I pray that you measure yourself in strengths and not weaknesses, that you measure yourself in the number of lives you’ve touched, the times you’ve made a difference, the smiles you’ve brought to others’ faces. I pray that you come to the realization that you are at your best when you are living true to yourself.

I pray you find constant joy. That you don’t just find it in the big things, but in the small moments. In your favorite song, in a sunrise or a sunset, in a sweet text from a friend and a dozen daisies in your kitchen. In a voicemail and a handwritten letter, in a mug of hot chocolate made just for you. I pray that you laugh. I pray that you laugh and laugh until everyone around you cannot contain their laughter because laughter is joyful, laughter is beautiful, and laughter is the best kind of contagious.

I pray that you will always be happy. That at the end of each day, you can find something that made you smile. I pray that you surround yourself with those who care about you because you deserve nothing less. I pray that you can look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I am good enough” and wholeheartedly believe it.

I pray that you always find joy, adventure, and the courage to be yourself.



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  1. Oh Emily, you’ve done it again. thanks for sharing your wisdom. Hoping it gets to those who need to hear it!!


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