An Open Letter to my Mama on Mother’s Day

Hi Mama,

Happy Mother’s Day. Today, I get on a plane and fly to Wyoming. I hope you know that I wish I wasn’t leaving today, 1) because it’s winery day and 2) because it’s your day.

21 ½ years ago, God blessed me with you as my mother, and I could not be more thankful. You’ve been my support system, my guide, and my role model all my life. You held my hand while I crossed bridges, you patched up my chin every time I cut it open, and you drove me to Herndon for years just so I could pretend I was good at gymnastics. You sat through terrible choir concert after terrible choir concert for dozens of years until I joined Show and they actually became pretty to listen to. You would let me cry when I needed to (which is always), and you would leave me notes when you knew I didn’t want to talk out loud. You taught me everything in this world, from writing my name using both upper and lower case letters to packing my lunch, from following my heart to believing in myself each and every day.

But most of all, you instilled in me a love for Jesus and a passion for those around me. You worship Him in the best of days, and you call to Him when your days get rough. You know He will be there in any season in any storm, and because of that, I’ve learned that running to Jesus is the best (and only) place to run. You taught me to put others before myself in any and all situations. You taught me that by pouring myself into others, I will be poured into by Him.

You’ve also taught me that it’s okay to ask for help. This last year has been a rough and challenging year, but you’ve helped me get through it. There have been many times I haven’t felt like I’ve been worth much, but you have shown me that I am always worth everything. You’ve shown me that I am beautiful, worthy, and perfect, just as I am.

Because of you, I have a wonderful father who loves the Lord just as much as you do and has taught me to never be afraid to have fun and make a joke, whether or not it may be funny. You both showed me the importance of surrounding myself with those who love the Lord and hold Him at the center of their lives. You also brought me the best brother and sister I could ever ask for. No matter how often we joke on each other, put each other into headlocks, or tell you stories of what we used to do to one another when we were younger, at the end of the day, I am so thankful for them and I am so thankful that we were raised by you.

I know today might be hard, as I am sure you are missing your mom just a little bit extra right now. Mom, I can promise you, she is watching over you this very second, forever proud of the woman, sister, and mother you have been and that you continue to be. I hope you know that you live out your mother’s legacy each and every day.

So thank you. Words will never be able to explain my true admiration for you. Thank you for caring so strongly, for loving so deeply, and for laughing at my silly, awkward antics. Thanks for understanding me when I don’t make any sense, and for standing by me, even when I fall down.

I love you so much, Mama. Happy Mother’s Day. – Emmy


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  1. I just read this again, almost a year later, and I will treasure it (and you) forever, beyond the end of time.
    💜 you more than you will ever know… mama


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