How blessed you are

A few weeks ago, I got in the car and drove to see one of my dear friends from high school. We spent the gorgeous sunny day outside, talking about life, about Jesus, and about blessings.

She said something that really stuck with me. She said “I had been trying for so long to cling on to, to control the things in my life. When I finally opened my hands, God handed me all these blessings.”

If you were to look up perfectionist in the dictionary, you would probably see my name. I waste a lot of time trying to control anything and everything I can get my hands onto. I panic when something doesn’t go my way, and oftentimes it’s hard for me to hand over the reigns. I want to do everything all the time, but we all know that’s not possible, no matter how hard I try. But why, why do I do this? Do I think I can do it the best? Do I think it’ll turn out better if I do it all myself, rather than ask for help of those around me? The truth is, I want the help of others, I know I’m not the best at everything, I just often forget to ask.

When you open your hands, releasing the stress and frustration you were holding onto so tightly, suddenly, you’re free. He takes your stresses, He takes your burdens, and your hands are left open, waiting for what God will bring you. Now, my friend received a tangible blessing, a free watercolor set handed to her at the beach. Not everyone’s blessings are so black and white (or colorful), but our blessings are made solely for us, given to us for a reason, whether we know it or not. That wasn’t the only blessing she was given. God graced her with an abundance of love and support, something we all cherish but something we all take for granted.

There’s a reason behind everything that happens. God has so much in store for us, but we have to be fully willing to accept it all. Sometimes he hands us something clearly so beautiful, and other times we have to fight through winds and storms to get to the blessing at the other end. The truth is: we are so blessed. YOU are so blessed. Because God made us in His image and he made us perfect, blessed, and deserving of the entire world. So, open your hands and minds to Him, because the second we do, He will reward us with so many blessings.


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