There’s not much more beautiful than stars

Last night, I spent the evening outside with some of my favorite people ever, underneath the stars. At one point, I walked away from the group to go just stare at the sky.

I fell in love with the stars in 2007. I was on a retreat, and was led blind-folded into the middle of a large field. When I took the blindfold off and looked up, all I saw was the stars, looking down on me. I suddenly realized how big this world was, how many possibilities are out there. I fell deeper in love with the stars in 2011, when I laid in that same field for the fifth and last time with a good friend of mine, reflecting on my life and on the beauty of these tiny little lights in the sky. We didn’t talk much, just laid next to each other in the grass, letting the stars talk instead. I fell absolutely and completely in love with the stars in 2014, when I sat in a different field, but under the same stars, with the person who has impacted me the most. I learned so much about life, about love, and about Jesus that night, and I discover the importance of that night and of those stars more and more each and every day.

One of my favorite and least favorite things about stars is I cannot photograph them. I am a person who photographs everything, whether it be a castle in Spain or the macaroni and cheese I make at 10 pm. I photograph my feet on a walk, my friends when they aren’t paying attention, and pretty buildings I pass by. I photograph sunrises, I photograph sunsets, but I cannot photograph the stars. I mean, I can try to photograph the stars, but they will never look as good on camera as they do in the sky. For one second, I find that frustrating, but then I realize something. Because I cannot photograph the stars, I end up staring at them endlessly, using my mind as a camera, taking in every single star I can. It’s then that I realize the true beauty that stars have.

No matter where you are in this world, it’s the same set of stars in the sky. When I lay in a field in Virginia and look at the stars, I see the same stars that someone in Alabama would see, or the same stars that someone in Montana would see. When I look at the stars, I am reminded that I have an importance in this world. Each one of those stars changes the way we see the sky, and each one of us can change the way that someone sees the world.

Sometimes, we go through rough patches in life. It seems as if the sky is completely dark, that there will be no light. But you see, it’s when the sky is the darkest, that the stars are the brightest. There’s always going to be a light in our life, even in the darkest of nights. Sometimes it can be cloudy and harder to see, but they are always there. You just have to have faith. Stars are like little holes in the sky, a little opening of heaven where the love shines through. We each have different “stars,” some are people, some are places, some are moments. But no matter what, we each have that glimpse of light, that glimpse of heaven, shining on us each and every day, but more importantly, each and every night.

Stars. So small, so scientifically old, but so timeless and so beautiful. Stars make it hard to fear the dark times, because that’s when they shine the brightest. We wish on stars, we believe in stars, and we have faith in the beauty of the stars.



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