Today, the heart of the Longwood family skipped a beat as we received an email from our President, informing us that one of our own, AJ Hadsell, is no longer with us. While I didn’t know AJ personally, I am at a loss for words to explain how saddened I am. My heart goes out to her family, her teammates, and her friends, and I hope they are reminded that we at Longwood are here for them always.

If there’s a lesson we can learn from this, it is that life is short, and that we have the ability to impact the lives of those we never meet. Even though I didn’t know AJ, I can feel the loss of her on this campus. I can only imagine the impact she had on the lives around her, and I hope that they will continue to live AJ’s legacy through them each day.

Life is short, life is hard, but life can be beautiful if you live it passionately each and every day. Now, go tell your best friend that you love them. Stop worrying about the little things. Forgive people and love deeply and strongly. Take your dreams and do them. Be yourself. We live our lives waiting for the next day, when in reality, we need to live each second for that moment. Live your life to inspire those around you, to leave your legacy, no matter what. Never be afraid to laugh too loudly or care too strongly.

AJ, you will always be home with us Lancers. Thank you for being you and loving those around you. We miss you already.


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