Emily (it’s a God thing)

One of my favorite things in this world are “God things.” I don’t even realize how much I love them, until I am reminded of how strongly I believe in them. What is a “God thing,” you ask? A “God thing” is something God did in your life so clearly and so purposely. Some people use the phrase “God thing” when talking about anything good that happens in their life, but I only use it for something that I truly, 100%, whole heartedly believe is here for a reason. A God thing is something that you know is meant to be in your life, something that brings you peace, calm and joy, no matter what is happening around you.

God things can be incredible friendships, friendships that you know from the start were brought to you because of Him. These friendships are ones that have signs pointing daily to their importance and their true and raw purpose, friendships that challenge you and encourage you always.

God things can be words. I named this blog completely off of an immediate gut feeling almost a year ago, without me knowing that two of the most important words to me, my faith, and my everyday life would later come to be “joy” and “adventure.”

But sometimes, God things are smaller, but still have a huge impact.

A couple weeks ago, I wasn’t having the greatest day, and I was sitting in my least favorite class when my phone lit up (I know, phone on desk, don’t tell my professor or my mother). There were no words in the message, just a YouTube link. Of course, I’m in class, so I have to wait the entirety of the 50 minute lecture before I could listen to this link.

If you’re as intrigued as I was, here it is:

“It’s love that hung the moon and stars for you above, and stays awake to start the morning. If you feel you’ve had enough, He’s never given up, It’s love.”

Emily, it’s love.

God literally sent me a message using my OWN NAME in a song through a Facebook message from a friend of mine. This song is by one of my favorite artists, but at the time, I hadn’t ever heard this song. I was absolutely speechless. How does he do these things, these pure God things? He constantly reminds us that He is there to get us through, that everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason.

Sometimes, we push God things away because they can be a little complicated, or just so plain and simple that we miss them. Sometimes, God has to send you a message using your NAME in order to get His point across. The reality is, that was a God thing. A God thing is that message came, with that song, on that day. A God thing is that reminder that no matter how often I feel like I’m not enough, I am. He said it, and I can’t deny that God thing.

So, remember this: Never doubt God things. He knows what He is doing.


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