There’s beauty in not knowing

People inspire us, people change us, people show us the light and the way without even realizing their impact. Some individuals lead us out of darkness, without having any inclination of their ability to do so. You can tell them “thank you,” you can attempt to show them you are grateful, but they will never, fully, 100%, understand how thankful you are.

There is something so beautiful about this, so much beauty in not realizing. There is something so remarkable about someone literally being the hands of God in your life without ever truly knowing what they’ve done. I could probably write for 7 hours and never fully be able to put into words how blessed some make me feel.

So, why do I think it is so wonderful that they don’t know their strength in my life? I’m not sure exactly, but think about it. We all have those people who have literally been there for us when we didn’t even realize we needed someone. We all have those people who care about you and your well-being just as much as they do their own, who understand you when you barely understand yourself. We say “thank you,” we try to repay them, but sometimes, that will never add up. I will never be able to completely thank some people, I will never be able to repay them for what they’ve done for me, because to them, all they did was care about me. But to one person, to me, caring about me can mean the world. Sometimes all you need is a voice when you don’t seem to have one, a set (or two) of hands to lift you up when you don’t feel like you have the strength.

There’s so much beauty in those around you not realizing how important they are, because I strive to be that for others. I want to change someone’s life without realizing it. I want to be the reason for someone’s smile on a dreary day without really knowing why. I can tell you, my life has been changed by others without them knowing what a difference they are making. There’s beauty in your lack of knowing your importance to me because I will never, ever, ever be able to describe it. I carry the comfort and peace that you bring me wherever I go, finding safety in the hardest of places.

So, thank you. Thank you for being strong when I’m weak. Thank you for showing me that I don’t have to be alone. Thank you for tearing down the walls I put up in hopes that someone would care enough and be brave enough to try to. And thank you for not fully understanding how important you are to me. I just wish that I could be the same for you.




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  1. Again, you write beautiful words from your beautiful heart. You are a true blessing, and I wish all who knew you realized how blessed they really are…


  2. from blogger to blogger March 24, 2015 — 11:34 am

    Beautiful words. Just remember, actions most often speak louder than words. I’m betting anyone who cares for you doesn’t want a thank you, they just want your friendship and love. Changing someone’s life doesn’t always mean saving them from some darkness, it can just mean being the best friend that you can be.
    You sound beyond blessed!


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