Let it be your first time in the rain

Awhile ago, I watched the cutest video of a little girl experiencing rain for the first time. It’s always been something that sits in the back of my mind, and tonight, I ended up watching it again (you can view said video here if you feel so led).

There is so much beauty, so much joy, so much happiness in that little girl as she stands in her front yard as rain falls from the sky. So much love in one small thing, something that others might not feel the same way about.

One of the most influential people in my life has taught me the beauty of rain. Something that used to mean a bad hair day, a sky with no sun, a reason to have to stay indoors, suddenly had an entire new meaning. Rain brings rainbows, life to flowers, and a beautiful smell in the fresh air. Rain gives us a reason to jump in puddles, or to take a stroll in the calming raindrops as they fall from the open clouds.

The truth is, we all tend to put a negative connotation on something, and out of habit, we keep on doing it. I allowed myself for the first 20 years of my life to hate rain. All it took was one single person to show me that there’s more than meets the eye, to show me the beauty in something so miraculous. Instead of falling back into our old habits, we need to allow ourselves to be open to trying something again…for the first time.

Be that little girl. Find something in your life that seems so simple, something that you take for granted, something that you always seem to write off. Now take that something, and allow yourself to be open to it. Allow yourself to experience it for the first REAL time. You might just see the world a little differently, and you might find love for something so unexpected.


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  1. See the rain, sweet girl; see the rain…☔️💜


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