Someone Will Remember You

I (stupidly) read a blog post on the internet today titled “Nobody will Remember You.” It pretty much said just that: that what we do in this world will not greatly affect those around us or make a difference unless you’re Mother Teresa or Beyoncé or Martin Luther King Jr. I was shocked, I could not have disagreed more.

Every move you make, every word you say, every step you take, is important. The most casual of smiles and the simplest “have a good day”s can change someone’s day, someone’s outlook, someone’s life. You see, the person I am today is because of everyone who walked into my life at one point or another. I am the result of many smiles, of many “have a good day”s. It’s not about the end result, it’s about everything in between, every decision of yours that changed someone else for the better.

The number one thing on my bucket list is to change the world. Sometimes I get told that’s too lofty of a goal, that I’m just going to be disappointed, but I know it always gives me something to strive towards. I want to be a positive influence in every situation, I want to impact every person I meet. If I can change one thing in someone’s life, then they can go and change something in someone else’s life.

The author of that blog post did get something right: we can only have so many US presidents in this world, only so many Nobel Peace Prize winners. BUT. But who said the only people we remember are our presidents and the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize? I remember the first time I went on a mission trip, and a little girl I had just met told me she loved me. I remember when my musical director told me she knew I had talent in the seventh grade. I remember when one of the most important people in my life told me I inspired them for the first time. I remember that hug, that tear, that laugh, that smile. All of these moments that I won’t forget, they didn’t come from world leaders, from movie stars or from famous authors. They came from the people I interact with every day, the people that change MY life, and change MY world.

I will remember each and every one of them. And I hope that someone will remember me too.



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  1. I know you have much more to do, but you have already changed the world! for the better….
    love you girl, mama


  2. Alexandra Smith January 9, 2015 — 9:58 pm

    Emily, you inspire me all the time to be a better and more loving person. You were always so full of energy and love and spirit when I was on VOY with you. I just remember how much I looked up to you in my first year of Voices and how comfortable and welcome you made me feel. I know you have already changed the world in many ways and will continue to do so everyday. You change the world by just being you! Thank you for inspiring me to do my best to change the world. Love, Alex Smith


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