My Sunday was my travel day, my day to return home.

We left our hotel at 8:30 am (Spain time, of course) and drove an hour to the Madrid airport. We then, slowly but surely, made our way through the check-in line to get our boarding passes and check our bags. As groups of people finished up, they headed through security towards our gate. Of course, I ended up being towards the end. By the time we finished check-in, it was about 10:50, and boarding was set to begin at 11:30. That leaves 40 minutes, and the sign said it would take us 45 minutes from there to get to our terminal. …mad rush, right? RIGHT. we start running through the airport, 6 of us, 1 of us with a missing wheel on her suitcase. We run down a hallway, go through security (where I get patted down, yay), run down 8 million escalators, get on a train, ride the train for like 10 minutes, get off the train, run up another 8 million escalators, run down another hallway, and arrive there at 11:29. Close call, you would think, but OF COURSE our flight was delayed for 30 minutes.
We took off at about 1 o’clock, and arrived in Philly at 2:40…gotta love traveling backwards into time zones! This long flight was definitely better than my long flight to Spain last month. I probably got more sleep this time around…(probably got about an hour or so when going to Spain I only slept for like 30 minutes). My layover in Philly went pretty smoothly, minus the fact that I went through special security where I was hand-printed (or something…..still not sure). I flew into Richmond on about a 40 minute flight, and then there was my fam to pick me up and drive me home!
It was an extremely long day, complete with about 6 different dinners, but it was absolutely wonderful. Saying goodbye to my friends, especially Michelle, was incredibly hard, but I know we will forever have a bond between us.


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