Genovia (i mean, Segovia)

This morning we got up bright and early and said goodbye to the beautiful city I got to call home for the last month. We took a taxi (taxis are nervewracking in foreign countries…heck, they are nervewracking in America!) to where we were meeting up, and got on a bus for SIX HOURS to the countryside of Segovia, about an hour outside Madrid. We stopped at a little rest stop, which just happened to be where we stopped on the way to Valencia a month ago! I couldn’t believe that it had been a whole month since we had been there. In some ways, it felt like years, and in others, it felt like just yesterday.

Once we arrived in Segovia, we settled into our hotel and got to explore the city for a little. It is STUNNING! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. (I also got a 1 euro sandwich, so that rocked.)

We then visited the aqueduct, that was built by laying stone over stone, with no cement at all to hold it in place. We then headed towards the castle, passing the cathedral on the way.

The castle was STUNNING, it looked like the real life version of Disney’s castle. We toured it and walked up to the top of the tower, looking over the entire town of Segovia. It literally looked like something out of a movie, i’m CONVINCED that Disney used Segovia as a model for the city of Genovia in Princess Diaries.

We finished up the evening with the most interesting dinner at our hotel. We were served a famous Castillian dish (we are currently in the Castille region of Spain), which is “roast suckling pig” in English. Please, do not google it, it is literally a pig on your plate. LUCKILY, I knew this ahead of time, so I had ordered steak (which was still iffy, but definitely better). However, they still brought me out a LEG of the pig, which I happily turned away because I wanted my bistec!

Overall (ya know, minus the nasty pig), today was a beautiful day in Segovia, and a great, but sad, last day in Spain.

Now on to tomorrow, ya know, the day with over 10 hours of flights? Yep. See ya on the other side America!

(Don’t worry, pictures will come later, my computer died!)


^ my beautiful friends Anna and Michelle. I could not have done this trip without them!




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