Dear Ma-shell

Dear Ma-shell,

You’re a terrible navigator. You’re a slow eater. You make me braid your hair every night. But, I love you. You’ve made me a better navigator, you’ve made me a slower eater, and I really do enjoy braiding your hair every night.
You’re the most perfect roommate I could have asked for for this trip. Spain was a once in a lifetime experience and we got to experience it together.
Thanks for putting up with me and my peeling skin, my computer that holds no charge, and my turtle-paced running. Thanks for letting me eat the last banana and finishing the fish for me so I didn’t have to.
I can’t imagine this trip with anyone else. As we both say, “if you weren’t my roommate, I would be crying right now.” Thanks for letting me blog about you every day, and for making sure I don’t get pick pocketed. From eating food off each other’s plates to help clear them, to being obsessed with the same granola bars, from being able to split everything perfectly, to actually sharing the same thoughts, I couldn’t have survived this without you.
It may be hard for you to admit, but you’re really gonna miss me! (Imma miss you more though.)

❤️ from the states to Europe and back, em


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