*insert spanish words here*

Yesterday, a bunch of us on the trip went to L’Oceanogràfic, an aquarium (the largest one in Europe, in fact) that is in Valencia. We saw an incredibly large display of different sea animals, and attended the dolphin show. Now, let me tell you, overall this place seemed, well, sort of American. It was very touristy, and felt like we were in a different world in this dozen-building complex. When the dolphin show began, and the words that came out of the man’s mouth were Spanish….I was like “holy crap I have no idea what’s happening.” The entire show was that way! I caught about two words: “escuchar” (listen!) and “noventa” (ninety…don’t ask me why they kept shouting out numbers, because I have absolutely no idea).

I spent the entire show trying to guess what tricks the dolphins would do and when they would do them, because I understood literally nothing the guy was saying. When the music would get really intense and all the trainers started waving their hands in the air, I knew THAT’S when I should start snapping pictures.

Oh, and when everyone stood up and started clapping, I stood up and started clapping…body language is a powerful thing!

It’s been a month and I still understand zero Spanish…my hope of being fluent by the end of this trip is not gonna happen…


^they had these tunnels everywhere, seriously too much fun!


^two seals hanging out together 😉 (am i rite?)


^one of the many buildings that made up this beautiful oceanarium!


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