The Here and Now

Good afternoon/morning/evening/who knows/who cares!
As I write this, you all are asleep (hashtag time difference) (and by all I mean you Americans) and I’m laying on the beach. One of the things about being here that I was surprisingly okay with is how I spend pretty much all day every day off the grid. With my phone’s airplane mode on and cellular data off, I can only communicate with the outside world when I’m at my host family’s house on wifi over social media, iMessage/FaceTime, email, or this blog (!). When I first arrived here, I was constantly trying to refresh facebook, or post a new tweet out and about, but I’ve slowly become accustomed to this life and I really kinda like it. It’s forced me to be in the moment and allowed me to fully immerse myself into this stunning city. If I had the capabilities to instagram a picture as I wandered the streets, I probably would have ended up doing that, missing dozens of candy-colored, centuries old buildings as I stared at something in front of me that could have easily been done an hour later while I was sitting on my bed.
Isn’t this a lesson we all need to learn? I’m not going to lie to you, I love social media. With more than 17,400 tweets, over a thousand instagram photos, 5 thousand some pictures on facebook, I don’t think I could convince you otherwise. But, come on. That buzzfeed article will still be on the internet in 2 hours. That sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, now that won’t. Now, I’m not saying I won’t be on social media when I’m home, HECK I’m going to be so culture shocked about the fact that my phone works outside the realm of my bedroom that I will be on it. BUT I know when to put it down. Can’t have too much of a good thing, now can I?
Now, if you excuse me, I would really like to return to laying on the beach and reliving my unforgettable experience in this country in my head. ✌️

*posted at a later time than written because I don’t have wifi on the beach, sillies!



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  1. Love being in the moment. And love you…


  2. You’re great!! Missing you so much but I love keeping up with ya abroad!!

    xoxo, Al


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