Rice and Castles, your Valencian essentials

On Saturday, we spent the day traveling the “outskirts,” if you will, of Valencia. We began our day with a visit to the Rice Museum in (because what’s a trip abroad without checking out the rice, ya feel?), and then climbed the Castillo de Cullera, the castle in the village of Cullera. After this, we took a pit stop at the beach (of course), and ended our day with a boat ride on Albufera Lake.

I learned a little tidbit about rice this weekend: I had no idea that rice was grown in swamp-like land! I was blown away by how many acres and acres of land I saw growing rice, and it is also incredible just the fact that all the rice I have been eating in Spain came from an area so close to me!

This trip easily marks our 5,804,821 castle we’ve climbed on this trip, and…NO NEED TO FEAR, we still have more to go! It’s absolutely stunning though, to get the spectacular views of the city around us from the top of a castle. In Cullera, we were on a castle on a mountain, and the view overlooked the mountains and the beach at the same time, an incredible and not-commonly-seen view!

I cannot believe this was our last weekend in Spain! It may seem like the trip passed quickly, but in reality, I feel like I’ve been here forever! I’ve watched other college students (via social media) leave for study abroad trips AND return home, all while I’ve been right here on mine! This experience is truly unforgettable, and I cannot wait to live this Spain life for one more week. ❤



^ that is a lot of rice fields!



^oh hey, I’m at the top of a castle, surprise!



^ the stunning views of Cullera, Spain!



^yep, our boat rides were on boats like this!


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