tapas take two

Tuesday night, my professors took a small group of us out for Spanish tapas. It was actually really fun, as I got to try lots of tapas that I haven’t tried before, as well as ones that I’ve had before to compare.
We had jamon croquettes, which is this breaded ham and potato nugget like thing. Weird description, I know! They are about the size of chicken nuggets, but have ham and potato inside. We got paella ones as well, but I didn’t have those. The ham ones were HEAVENLY though! We got these the first time I got tapas here in Spain, but I think they were better this time around. I kind of want to try to make these at home…..(we will see how that goes!)
We got patatas bravas as well! This is the third restaurant I’ve gotten patatas bravas at, as they are like my favorite tapa! In case you don’t remember, patatas bravas means “fierce potatoes,” and they are cut up cooked potatoes with a paprika like seasoning, with “spicy” sauce on it. In Spain, nothing is actually spicy (which is how I like it), so the spicy sauce is perfect for me. These I will DEFINITELY be trying to make at home.
We also got some classic Spanish bread, covered in olive oil (of course!) and tomato sauce. We ate this with some really delicious Spanish cheeses. Now, normally, I DO NOT eat fancy cheeses. They are always really hard and a weird color and I’m like ew that’s too fancy for me, but that’s definitely changed! Since coming on this trip, I’ve discovered that there are some fancy cheeses that I do like! I just have to be willing to try them!
I also tried this pepper thing that I would tell you the name of but I have absolutely no idea. They were little green peppers, cooked in olive oil and covered with more olive oil and salt. They were really good and NOTHING like what I was expecting! But then again, I’m getting that a lot from food I’m trying here.
Our group also got these little squid things and baby shrimps, but neither of them looked or sounded appetizing to me, so I did not try them, and I am 100% okay with that! I really liked how I was able to fill up on tapas without seafood! ITS POSSIBLE!
I finished out the night with a cheesecake covered in a berry jelly. Now, you’re probably thinking, you’re in Spain and you got cheesecake?! Well, of course! It’s different here, and may I say, it’s better here! It was a lot creamier and absolutely delicious!
Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading about my delicious meal! Now, go to your kitchen and keep working on that boring American meal you were in the middle of preparing before I whisked you away with my beautiful writing. ¡Hasta luego!


^those weird squid things that, while they looked nasty to me, sure looked cool to take a picture of!


^ check out dat yummy cheesecake!


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