sometimes I forget

sometimes I forget that people are the same all over the world. sometimes I forget that things people do and feel at home are not restricted to there.

I’m an American who is teaching in a British-run school in Spain. I’ve spent the last week and a half shell-shocked about the differences between the cultures and the lives of the people. But on Friday, I was easily reminded that no matter where you are, we are all still people and in so many ways, we are all the same. One of the little girls in my class was having some girl drama, you know the drill, so&so doesn’t want to be their best friend, yada yada yada. I was like “wait a second. these seem oh so familiar! I had these problems when I was 8. My friends had these problems when they were 8. Everyone had these problems!” It’s so easy to categorize things as so different that you blind yourself from the similarities. The kids here are sweet, loving, and goof off in class, pretending to learn. That is nothing new! People I meet on the street here may be very understanding or they may be super impatient, again, nothing different! The countries are different, the cultures are different, the food is remarkably different, but underneath that, we are all the same.


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