the food of the gods

Saturday morning, we got up nice and early to go to a “history of chocolate” lesson at a chocolateria in the city center. After learning a little about chocolate and where it comes from, we were fed the most delightful churros and hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Hot chocolate in Spain is different than hot chocolate at home. Rather than a thin, watered down drink, it is thicker, almost like pudding. We dipped the churros into the hot chocolate and then ate them…DELICIOUS. I could have probably eaten those all day if I wasn’t restricted to just a few. After this, we headed to see the Roman Ruins here in Valencia. Yes, there is a whole city of roman ruins, and it is underground! It was crazy to walk around in these ruins and think about how, thousands of years ago, people lived where we were standing. Makes USA seem like a newborn baby country, doesn’t it?
That afternoon, we decided to head to the beach. When we arrived, the day had gone chilly, windy, and completely without sun. After laying on the beach wrapped in our towel (not laying on it), we headed back to the city. 
We spent the evening wandering the streets, listening to the masses cheer every time something exciting happened during the Madrid “futbol” game (yay, go Real Madrid!)
OH and fun fact: the name chocolate comes to us as the second option for the delictable food, as the first name was not loved because it had the word “poop” in it (please laugh, i know i did!).


^look at how delicious that looks!


^just a stunning view in Valencia, per usual!


^some of the roman ruins, isn’t that amazing?


^my roommate and I in the Plaza de la Virgen in front of this beautiful fountain!


^the train station is even beautiful at night!


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