All Before Your Dawn

I woke up. I hated that I woke up. I ate breakfast. I went on a run. I worked out in (on?) an outdoor gym. I showered. I went to the beach. I read an entire book at the beach. I got sunburnt. I came back home. I had an huge Spanish Sunday dinner. All before your dawn.

Today, my roommate and I decided we would wake up nice and early and go on a run. MY, was it impossible to wake up, but that run was probably the best run of my entire life. We ran in the “Jardin de Turia,” a huge area set underneath the bridges that connect one half of Valencia to the other. It is surrounded by a running/biking path, and has grassy areas, playgrounds, skating rinks, and picnic spots all throughout the park. No where else I will ever run will compare to running in Spain. It was 1000% worth it. Just look at the picture at the top of this post, isn’t that stunning?! After we ran, we worked out in this outdoor gym-thing they had in the park! I’m not sure I understood what happened, but it was definitely cool and something we do not have in the States! When we came back, we figured that since yesterday’s beach trip was a fail, we would try again today! We ended up spending about 3 hours on the beach under that bright, beautiful, sun, and came back very happy, but very burnt (and I mean, burnt.). Welp, not many people can say that they got sunburnt on the Mediterranean Sea, can they? (Okay, well I guess a good amount of people can say that, but you get my point.) We reluctantly left our sand-filled haven and returned home to have a huge Sunday dinner. We were served “Arroz con horno,” or “oven-baked rice,” a dish that is very popular in Valencia, and very delicious! I enjoyed every last bit of it, and the watermelon that came after (I love that they eat fruit for dessert!). I spent my meal trying to disect the family’s conversation around me, but I only caught every-other-millionth word.

After dinner, we wanted to walk up the towers overlooking Valencia, so we could see the entire city, but of course, the towers had already closed for the day. SO, we treated ourselves to helado because we deserved it from our run, right?

It’s crazy to think how much we do every day when my family and friends back home are still asleep snuggly in their beds. That when noon hits here, it’s still 6 am there. The time difference continues to surprise me, continues to amaze me, as does this entire country! 😍


^werkin out at the outdoor gym!


^casa de las caramelos, a candy shop we stopped into today!


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  1. look at that awesome picture! That’s why I want to own a candy shop!


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