the twentieth of may


^when the staff of a British school gets a hold of your name, you bet your bottom dollar they will stick a random U in it!


^my wonderful new friend and fellow year 4 teacher Anna!


^oh hey, it’s the roommate!


^tell me why I have a line of bug bites on my face and one on my neck that all look like zits! welcome to Spain I guess?


^bought some gelato (helado) today that was DELISH. it was called “after eight,” but it’s mint chocolate chip!

ALSO, SHOUTOUT to my navigation skills. Michelle and I walked downtown to get helado and did a bunch of window shopping and successfully did all of that without even CONSIDERING looking at a map! Are we fantastic or what?!



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  1. yes, you and Michelle are both fantastic! I hope we can meet her when you’re back here in ole Virginny!


  2. Is Anna also from Longwood?


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