tapas y tapas

Tonight, after classes and teaching, all the Longwood students went out to get tapas for dinner. Tapas are a cultural cuisine in Spain, and they are a variety of small appetizers that are sampled with family or friends. Tapas are meant to sort of encourage the idea of mingling and conversing with those around you, rather than focusing on one large meal in front of you.

We began with bread and olives, and then were served 4 different tapas. The first one was a “Spanish tortilla,” which is made of potatoes and eggs (and olive oil, of course! what spanish dish doesn’t have olive oil in it?!). The next one we had was “patatas bravas,” or “fierce potatoes.” They are potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, with some sort of garlic cream on top, and they were DELICIOUS. That was definitely my favorite dish of the night. The next dish we were served was calamari, which I did not help myself to. My friends who like seafood devoured those, but the rest of us did not enjoy that dish as much. The last one we were served were little chicken-wing things (not all fried and American and stuff), and those were pretty good! Nothing could beat those patatas bravas though!

After we finished those, we had a little tiramisu-pastry tasting, and tried 3 different ones. They were delicious, all of them! If I could get away with it, I would probably just eat spanish desserts 24/7. Between those and helado, I think I’m set!



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