Cursive is still a thing….?

Today was my first official full day at Caxton College, the school we are working at! Since it is a british school, they do EVERYTHING differently. I always thought that the British and Americans did some stuff similarly, but that really isn’t true.

Here are some differences I noticed JUST TODAY:

1. Instead of checking a paper, they “tick” it. You can imagine my confusion when I was asked to do some “ticking.”

2. They spell some words differently. In America we would write “spoiled,” they write “spoilt.” There’s also your classic “color” and “colour.” Don’t ask me to grade spelling tests without a key, that’s for sure!

3. Language Arts and Mathematics are called “Literacy” and “Numeracy.”

4. When they do simple addition/subtraction, instead of carrying the number above the next, they carry it below. …not gonna lie, I had to give myself a little lesson before I could help any of the students.

5. They write in cursive. 24/7. This is the one kind of handwriting they know and use. American elementary students today would have no idea what any of their stuff says because it is all in cursive, and we no longer teach cursive and it’s importance in elementary schools.

6. As mentioned in a previous post, they use “years” instead of “grades,” and start with 1 instead of kindergarten. So, as we go from kindergarten to 12th grade, they go Year 1 to Year 13.

7. They use different words. Sometimes I have to ask them what they mean when words like “rubber” are used to describe an eraser, and “tissue” to describe paper towels.

8. Millions of breaks. The day runs from 9:25 to 4:40, and incorporates multiple large breaks throughout the day. In a way, it makes the day go by faster, as the children and the teachers are given multiple opportunities to get away from the classroom.

Something else really amusing is that the students speak in British accents while speaking English. This is because their teachers have British accents, so when they learn words, that’s how they learn them!

It’s crazy how many differences there are between what I’m used to, and how this is how i’ll be spending my next month!


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