caminé mucho

Today was our first “free day” in Valencia. Michelle and I started it by getting up nice and early….and then wishing we were still in bed. We decided to head over to “La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias” or “The City of Arts and Sciences” for you American folk. The City of Arts and Sciences is kind of like Spain’s Smithsonian, except, it was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. Today was “International Day of Museums,” so we were thought entry would be free….it was not. We still decided to go to the museo de ciencias, or the science museum, and ordered our tickets COMPLETELY in Spanish. Let me repeat, no English was spoken, check me out, right? We then explored the HUGE EXPANSE of a museum (this part of the “city” was the one pictured in the cover picture of the post “short n sweet”) and had WAY TOO MUCH FUN. seriously. That was probably the most fun I had in a museum in awhile, and the most fun I’ve had with science EVER. If science classes were like that museum, I would change my major to science. America should take a page from Valencia and build us one of those.
You can go ahead and clap for us when I say we made it all the way across town and back to the city of arts and sciences without using the map and we took ZERO wrong turns. Are we Spaniards yet or what?
We came back home in the middle of the day to eat Sunday lunch with our host mom and her family. It was a LARGE pasta dish with huge shrimp, but I graciously (I hope) turned down the shrimp. I’ve attempted to do seafood on this trip, and I can, to an extent, but shellfish is just too much for me. After eating and [attempting to] talk with the family using our limited Spanish, we decided to head out to the city center. At the cathedral we found lots of street vendors set up, and shopped around. I bought myself this GORGEOUS hand-painted bowl for 5 euros that I will happily eat my American cereal out of every day for the rest of time. Sadly, that cereal probably doesn’t deserve to be eaten out of that bowl. All the stuff we bought from the vendors we bought using Spanish and only Spanish, impressive, I know! On our way back, we ended up in sketchtown espana, but soon found our way to our apartment (don’t worry mom, everything is okay!). I would say I walked a million miles today, but since we are in Europe, I should probably say I walked a million kilometers today!
Michelle and I like to play this game with ourselves as we walk around. I call it “spot the tourists.” We like to find American tourists in the crowds. Some people may say it’s so we don’t feel so alone, but I like to think I’m a true Valencian……..(I’m not.). We have easily spotted them by: their jeans, their sneakers, cameras around their necks, their maps in their hands, and their locks on their backpacks. Like, locks on your backpacks, is this amateur hour? (If you’re reading this and you put a lock on your backpack in a foreign country, I bet you looked stylin. You are the exception 😉)
We’ve only been here for 4 days and we are already spotting other tourists…I wonder what we will be like in 3 1/2 weeks! Can’t wait to find out!



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  1. Sketchtown, huh? Thanks for easing my mind. I love your posts, and your pictures. And, you, especially!


  2. Totes wore a lock on my backpack in Costa Rica…strange cause I’m sure I’m a pure bred Costa Rican. Must not be a tourist thing there.


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