wait I’m in Spain…..

Hey y’all, IVE ARRIVED! I’m writing this at about 11 am Thursday Spain time, so it’s about 5 am eastern standard time where you are! My flight from Philly to Madrid wasn’t terrible…once we got off the ground. We sat on the runway for about an hour and a half…just waiting to get going. After doing a little switch, I ended up getting to sit next to my roommate michelle, which was awesome, and then two other college students from Ohio and North Carolina, Adrian and Rachel. Besides the fact that I got NO sleep, it was pretty smooth sailing! I’m glad I was able to sit and talk with my new friends around me for the 8 hours, I would probably fallen over if I had been by myself.

(side note: it’s amazing how small the world is, the boy sitting with us graduated from a college that my cousins went to, and the girl’s hometown is the same town my friend goes to school in! okay, side note over.)

We had way too much fun with our little TVs, we watched frozen and had the gps pulled up for awhile, watching where we were, how high we were, and how fast we were going. Kind of scary actually.

ANYWAYS, we arrived in Madrid, safe and sound, and got our luggage (thank god it wasn’t lost: that was one of my biggest fears), and got on the bus for the 4 hour drive to Valencia…as if I need more time sitting on my sore butt. (The above pic is from our drive!) I’ve already been asked things in Spanish and been completely clueless…so there’s that. I was hoping I would magically understand Spanish better now that I’m in Spain, but I don’t think that’s how it works…

I’m super excited to arrive in Valencia. I just found out that the apartment I’m staying in is in an AMAZING location, and tomorrow I’ll be starting in a fourth grade classroom at Caxton!

THIS STILL SEEMS SO SURREAL. I don’t think the fact that I’m actually in Spain has hit me yet. Yep, nope, it definitely hasn’t.


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