I’m a foreigner

My roommate michelle and I have arrived at our host family. We have this sweet lady, Mercedes, who has this cute little dog, and we began to settle in and she made us a nice big lunch. She speaks mainly Spanish, but luckily she’s pretty good at English, so we managed to make good conversation. She has the CUTEST apartment. It’s so European and so awesome. We unpacked and decided we were going to walk down the street to the ATM (the cajero automatico) and we were going to go buy our bus tickets (el bonobus). After struggling with a couple different ATMs, we finally got it to work, and headed over to the little shop that sells the bus tickets. We had it all planned out what we were going to say, which worked at first, but then the language barrier hit. The lady tried to tell us that we could both use the same bus card, but we were struggling with understanding it. It took us awhile, but we finally came around! It was probably the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in, but also, I felt really fantastic once we got it worked out. I just walked into a situation where I had no idea what I was doing, and I came out of it understanding! I’ve only been in Valencia for about 2 hours, but I think I’ve learned more Spanish in these 2 hours than I ever did in school.

The attached picture is from RIGHT outside my apartment. Isn’t it beautiful?! I can’t believe I will get to see that every morning when I leave. I can’t tell you how European I felt as I walked down this street, taking in the beautiful scenery. This picture is off my phone, but I’m itching to get out there with my camera. I don’t care how touristy I’ll look, I need my camera out there!

I CANT BELIEVE IM ACTUALLY IN SPAIN! AHHHH! (my excitement and nervousness will probably never end.)


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