Tomorrow is a frightening word. Tomorrow I leave the United States, as I’m studying abroad in Valencia, Spain for a month. I’ll be teaching in an elementary-school classroom (English speaking school, I know you were wondering!) and when I’m not teaching, I’ll be immersing myself into the Spanish culture. Am I excited? You bet. Am I nervous? 150%. A couple years when I went abroad for the first time, I was afraid to admit that I was nervous. Now, I’m telling EVERYONE I’m nervous. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and I really have no idea what to expect! How many times am I going to get lost? How many times am I not going to know the correct Spanish response for something? (The answer to those questions are: more times than I can count). But isn’t that all the point? To walk down the wrong street so you can discover something new? To speak in a language you barely understand to learn it in a new way? I know I will trip and fall countless times on this trip (literally and figuratively), but I also know this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s going to be a crazy ride, but I can’t wait for it to start! (Right now the hardest part is getting onto that plane…)

See you in España!



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  1. Have a safe trip and good luck.


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