Day -1

Hey y’all! It’s Emily! If you’re reading this, you’re either a) in the right place; or b) really confused about why you’re reading a 20-year-old’s blog….

This week I leave for Spain, an adventure beyond compare. I decided…hey, why not blog? All of my friends and family back home want updates on my trip, so it seems like the perfect way to update everyone at once! I can promise you though, I’m not the best writer, so bear with me. I can’t honestly know or tell you what my internet connection will be like there (where they call wifi “wee-fee”) but whenever possible, I will be updating! Some days, I will be able to write a lot, and some days, I won’t be able to at all. BUT, I want you all to be on this journey with me!

I can’t wait! ✈🇪🇸


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